High-quality glazes & design for lasting impressions

Colour finishing, design & protection

Our best wood roof and ceiling systems are available factory-coloured or glazed as transparent UV protection. With the sustainable colours, we remain true to our motto of a healthy home, as the elements are natureplus-certified even with colour application. They are available either sanded or rough-sawn and are supplied with a self-adhesive laminating film to protect them during the construction phase.

Wood as a coloured dream - for natural comfort

For interior use, our paints are characterised by first-class building biology properties. The glaze preserves the natural hygroscopic properties of the wood. Thus, our roof and ceiling systems ensure a natural and pleasant indoor climate.

  • mineral matt
  • water-based
  • solvent-free and plasticiser-free
  • open to diffusion
  • sustainable
  • natureplus-certified
  • for a good room and living climate

Colour and structure variants

The high-quality glazes enable an even coating through a machine application. In contrast to other paint systems, the application of the paint preserves the natural, moisture-regulating properties of the wood.

For long-lasting UV protection

The transparent stain UV protect is also applied by machine and therefore evenly. It impresses above all with its natural matt appearance with UV protection and preserves the natural, moisture-regulating properties of the wood.

Note: The colour and product illustrations do not necessarily match the real colouring. Wood is a natural product. Colour deviations due to different structure and grain are possible and characteristic.

ACOUSTIC DESIGN PACKAGE For exclusive impressions

Now available for elements CLT - CEILING, CLT - BOX and CLT - ROOF!

  • Saw cuts 2/6 mm
  • Distance between the saw cuts is 50 mm
  • Element widths are available from 900 to 1200 mm in 50 mm increments

AQUA PROTECT The preliminary protection for your ceiling elements

The coating AQUA PROTECT, specially developed for best wood SCHNEIDER for the top of your ceiling elements, serves to protect against moisture during the open construction phase. The innovative coating is water-repellent and solvent-free. Element joints, penetrations and recesses must be masked off.


Our recommendation for domestic spruce KNOT-FREE and silver fir: Perfect design with protection against UV radiation and advance protection against moisture on the building site - a top combination!

Certified quality

Like all our products, our roof and ceiling elements with paint application are natureplus-certified. natureplus is the international quality mark for sustainable living and building products, tested for environment, health and function. The natureplus quality mark stands for health compatibility, environmentally friendly and energy-efficient production, conservation of finite resources and fitness for purpose. Products with this label are predominantly made of renewable raw materials or raw materials obtained in a nature-friendly way. Demanding independent tests and Europe-wide strictest limit values for indoor air quality guarantee the harmlessness of the certified products.

Colour and texture samples for end customers Für Zimmereien und Architektur-/Planungsbüros

Experience live and in colour? Send us an e-mail at info@schneider-holz.com. If required, our field service team will be happy to visit you in person and answer all your questions about our CLT and BSH ceiling elements. Sample orders for colour and structure selection are also possible.

We look forward to your enquiry!

Additional paint application for joists or mullions

Do you need additional colour for untreated joists that should match the ceiling colour? Or do you want to treat parts with the transparent UV protection? No problem. You can order the glazes and the necessary tools from us and simply apply them yourself. Please refer to our leaflet on the colour treatment of building components.


In our training course, you will get tips & tricks for working with our colour-finished ceilings and processing TIMBERBASE and TIMBERCOLOR.
Note: Currently only available for German speaking customers.

Products best wood SCHNEIDER ceiling systems

best wood BSH Decke


Quick and easy to install, can be walked on immediately after installation, high stability and good for the indoor climate.

best wood BSH Decke Akustik-Design


The visual alternative to the tried and tested best wood GLUELAM - CEILING is the best wood GLULAM – CEILING ACOUSTIC DESIGN. The fine slot milling offers exten ...


The separated ceiling elements are a cost-effective solution if the statics allow for weaker ceiling thicknesses.

best wood CLT Box


Statically effective and at the same time space-creating: best wood CLT BOX is a wooden element that is suitable for every structural requirement.

best wood CLT Box Dach


A combination of CLT and ribbed beams results in a high static load-bearing capacity with comparatively low weight.

best wood CLT Box - Decke FS


The wooden box element for multi-storey timber construction with extended sound and fire protection requirements.

best wood CLT BOX – CEILING open

Combines the advantages of solid wood and timber post and beam construction and allows for easy installation guidance in the longitudinal direction.

best wood CLT Decke


A solid wood element for load-bearing purposes: best wood CLT consists of at least three layers of cross-glued solid wood panels.


Noble design ceiling made of wood A GLULAM - Ceiling reference project

In Nuremberg, exhibition and office spaces with a noble ambience were created - here, concept and implementation were a perfect match.

  • Location 90530 Wendelstein, Germany
  • Building type Industrial and commercial buildings, Office and administration buildings
  • Building measure New buildings

Fine over head A CLT- CEILING reference project

In the Allgäu region of Germany, a detached house was built with the first sand-colored best wood CLT - CEILING - an unusual project with a unique flair.

  • Location 88147 Achberg, Germany
  • Building type Residential buildings
  • Building measure New buildings

Price-suspicious plus-energy house A single-family show house sets standards

In Altshausen, a single-family house with energy standard KfW 40 Plus has been nominated for the German Model House Award - we're keeping our fingers crossed!

  • Location 88361 Altshausen, Germany
  • Building type Residential buildings
  • Building measure New buildings

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