best wood WALL 140 pre-plastered Pre-plastered wood fibre insulation board

The pre-rendered WALL 140 is a pressure-resistant wood fibre insulation board pre-rendered with adhesive and reinforcing mortar (UP) for installation on full-surface and load-bearing solid wood substrates. It should be fixed with the help of broad back staples. 


  • Part of the under plaster layer of approx. 4 mm as groove structure already applied in the factory
  • conforms to approval in best wood ETICS
  • can be exposed to weather for up to 5 months
  • Time saving: no tooth filling on the construction site, no drying time required
  • saves set-up and working time on the construction site
  • high-quality: uniform layer thickness, due to machine application
  • Reinforcement fabric with security in the right place
  • easy to cut and install
  • prevents lignin from bleeding through
  • excellent thermal conductivity value
  • good heat protection in summer and optimal thermal insulation in winter
  • improves sound insulation: wood fibre insulation boards are very good sound insulators, the higher the raw density the better the sound insulating effect
  • hydrophobic throughout
  • open to diffusion and therefore moisture regulating
  • easy installation - secured by our processing guidelines ETICS
best wood Wall 140 vorverputzt
  • 0.040 [W/mK]

    Nominal value of thermal conductivity λD according to DIN EN 13171

  • 0.040 [W/mK]

    Declared thermal conductivity λD according to SIA 279 (Switzerland)

  • 0.042 [W/mK]

    Rated value of thermal conductivity λB according to DIN 4108-4

  • 140 [kg/m³]


Fields of application

  • Interior and exterior masonry and solid wood walls
  • Can be plastered directly

Fields of application according to DIN 4108-10
DEO-ds, WAB-ds, WAP-zh, WZ, WH, WI-zg, WTR

Delivery formats

  • Design

    • Tongue and groove
Format (mm)
580 x 1500 580 x 2000
Thickness (mm)

Technical data

Denomination of insulation boardWF-EN 13171-T5-DS(70,-)2-CS(10\Y)100-TR20-WS1,0-MU3-AFr75
ETA-16/0997; ETA-15/0731; aBG Z-33.84-1674; aBG Z-33.84-1675
Density140 [kg/m³]
Nominal value of thermal conductivity λD0.040 [W/(mK)]
Rated value of thermal conductivity λB0.042 [W/(mK)]
Reaction to fire according to DIN EN 13501-1 E
Construction material class according to DIN 4102-1 B2
Full declarationWood fibers, PMDI gluing, paraffin
Production processDry process
Compressive stress at 10% compression≥ 100 [kPa]
Tensile strength perpendicular to the plane of the board≥ 20 [kPa]
Modulus of elasticity E(d)≥ 1,45 [N/mm2]
Water vapor diffusion resistance μ3
Linear flow resistance> 75 [kPa·s/m²]
Short time water absorption < 1.0 [kg/m²]
Specific heat capacity2100 [J/(kgK)]
Waste code according to AVV030105, 170201


For your and our safety, we take great care to ensure a high standard of quality.

Simple cutting and installation

The pre-plastered WALL 140/180 boards are cut to size using cutting equipment such as hand-held circular saws and sliding table saws with hard-metal blades.The fixation of the best wood WALL 140/180 is carried out using of broad back staples or alternatively with the screw-in anchor H35.

Economy of time

  • One working step on the building site can be omitted, since there is no further need to put the notched plaster onto the board
  • No drying time since the board already comes pre-plastered
  • Saves set-up and working time on the building site
  • An outdoor exposure of up to 5 months is possible

High Quality

  • Thanks to the machinery coating, the whole layer has the same thickness
  • This assures that the reinforcement fabric is fixed at the right place in the second step
  • Avoids the penetration of lignin


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Suitable accessories

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17.01.2021 best wood WALL VORVERPUTZT Unterputzschicht künftig mit Rillenstruktur

Ab Februar 2021 wird best wood SCHNEIDER vorverputzte Holzfaser-Dämmplatten mit neuer Oberfläche ausliefern. Hier ist ein Teil der Unterputzschicht von ca. 4 mm bereits werkseitig aufgebracht – neu als Rillenstruktur.