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Ecological and innovative building materials for modern house construction: this is what best wood SCHNEIDER stands for. We develop and manufacture all products necessary for construction and insulation out of wood - and in a closed resource cycle. Whether timber and passive house construction, single-family house or multi-storey timber construction: we provide you with all timber construction materials that make an impression in terms of quality but leave no ecological mark.

Our timber for the whole house

  • Timber

    for modern house building

    Our diverse range of wood products meets the highest standards in both technical material properties and environmental footprint.

  • Insulation

    for the good feeling

    To ensure that the heat stays where it should, we have natureplus and PEFC-certified wood fibre insulation boards made from wood chips for you, which come from our own sawmill and therefore offer guaranteed consistent composition and quality.

  • Pellets

    heat naturally

    We heat you up - with high-quality pellets that come 100% from our own and energy-neutral production. That's good for you and for the environment.

best wood CLT BOX - CEILING FS Wooden box element for multi-storey timber construction

The wooden box element for multi-storey timber construction with extended sound and fire protection requirements.

best wood FIBRE air injected insulation Optimal and joint-free

The best wood FIBRE air injected insulation is the perfect joint-free cavity insulation for roof and timber frame construction.

WALL pre-plastered Saves time and work on the construction site

The wood fibre insulation board for exterior walls with part of the under plaster layer already applied.

best wood CLT BOX - ROOF Open box element for passive house construction

A combination of CLT and ribbed beams results in a high static load-bearing capacity with comparatively low weight.


Information and advice on our assortment

Building is teamwork - here we lend a hand. Not only with ecological building materials, but with everything you need to know.

Resource wood

A win for all

Wood building materials are innovative and ecological - we make sure it stays that way in wood extraction and processing!


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Exciting picture series, innovative ideas and great reference projects for ecological house building with best wood SCHNEIDER.

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