best wood CLT – CEILING Cross laminated timber for solid ceiling constructions

The best wood CLT is a solid wood element for load-bearing purposes. It consists of at least three layers of cross-glued solid wood panels. Due to its excellent structural-physical properties, it is suitable for any structural requirement.

The crosswise construction in combination with high-quality flank and surface gluing ensures a high degree of dimensional stability and only leads to minor swelling and shrinkage deformations in the case of moisture changes in the panel plane.

A high degree of prefabrication of the best wood CLT with downstream joinery as well as the simple connection of the best wood CLT elements ensures fast and economical assembly. 

best wood CLT – DECKE
  • C24

    Strength class

Fields of application

  • Ceiling
  • Roof

Delivery formats

  • Type of wood & Quality

    • local spruce, industrial quality
    • scandinavian spruce, visual quality
    • local spruce KNOT-FREE
  • Layer structure

    • 3 layers
    • 5 layers
    • 7 layers
Width (mm)
900 to 1200
Thickness (mm)
Other wood species Local silver fir by request
Length 2.30-16.00 m
Width 900–1200 mm, shiplap edge ≤1150 mm coverage dimensions
Minimum production length per element width 8.00 m
Other cross sections Available on request

Visible qualities from 220 mm thickness (7 layers): See alternative CLT BOX

Technical data

General building approvalETA-21/0568
Strength classC24
Application classesUse in application classes 1 and 2 according to EN 1995-1-1
DryingKiln dried, wood moisture max. 15 % at delivery
BondingClear, water-proof gluing with polyurethane adhesives (free of formaldehyde)
Lamellae20, 30 and 40 mm, sorted for quality and finger-jointed
General informationPlaned on four sides, bottom side chamfered 4 mm (measured diagonally), trimmed precisely ± 1 mm
Heat conductivityλ = 0.13 (W/m*K) according to EN ISO 10456
Specific heat capacity1600 (J/kg*K) according to EN ISO 10456
Diffusion resistanceµ ≈ 40 according to DINV 4108-4 for the thickness of the lamellae and an additional 13 mm of wood thickness for each glued joint
Emission classE1 according to DIN EN 717-1
Shape changeAt board level ≈ 0.02 % per 1 % change in wood moisture perpendicular to board level ≈ 0.24 % per 1 % change in wood moisture
Reaction to fireD-s2, d0 according to DIN EN 13501-1
FireproofingVerification possible via the free best wood STATICS software
AirtightnessAirtight after testing in accordance with EN 12114 from 60 mm


For your and our safety, we take great care to ensure a high standard of quality.


Here you will find popular accessories for this product.

best wood CHIPPINGS

best wood CHIPPINGS

Used for putting into the best wood CLT BOX – CEILING FS and as ballast in best wood ceiling elements.

best wood HONEYCOMB 30/60

best wood HONEYCOMB 30/60

Honeycomb board made from cardboard which prevents movement and sliding of the best wood CHIPPINGS.



PUR sealing tape for fire protection for the element joints with CLT BOX – CEILING.

best wood LED 150 square

LED square

Uniform light distribution over the entire light emission surface for our best woodGLULAM, CLT ceilings and CLT BOX.

Suitable accessories

Find everything that is right and good for working and processing our timber products.

Reference Fine over head A CLT- CEILING reference project

In the Allgäu region of Germany, a detached house was built with the first sand-colored best wood CLT - CEILING - an unusual project with a unique flair.

  • Location 88147 Achberg, Germany
  • Building type Residential buildings
  • Building measure New buildings

Reference Spacious, modern production hall at the Gmeiner carpentry Sustainability, innovation & craftsmanship combined

When Zimmerei Gmeiner realises its timber construction dreams, the result is a spacious, architecturally appealing new building in the industrial area - ready for the timber construction of the future! A fantastic building was created here using best wood CLT, glulam and KVH.

  • Location 72505 Krauchenwies, Germany
  • Building type Industrial and commercial buildings, Operational buildings
  • Building measure New buildings