Building materials from and for the environment

Application areas of best wood SCHNEIDER Good for us - good for the environment

Wherever best wood SCHNEIDER is written on, innovations from over 100 years of wood technology are inside - and real sustainability when it comes to renovation, sound insulation, timber constructions, heating or building. Find out more here!

Multi-storey timber construction

With wood into the future and high up

Timber is the modern building material solution - also for multi-storey buildings. Thanks to new product innovations, timber construction is convincing in terms of fire and sound protection and enables large spans.

Sustainable building

Wood is eco & logical

Our places of living and working have a significant influence on people's well-being, living together and thus on their satisfaction. Buildings are therefore of central importance and ideally not only tailored to the respective requirements, but also built ecologically, sustainably and thus environmentally friendly.


The strong arm of Mother Nature

Stable, durable, natural and also beautiful to look at: Wood is not only the ideal raw material for constructions, but is also enjoying an architectural renaissance.

Industrial & hall construction

Wood as a lightweight with scope

Those who rely on wood build quickly, solidly and efficiently and with the climate-friendly high-tech raw material of the future. And not only in residential construction. Modern timber construction also meets all the requirements of sustainable, durable and economical industrial construction.


Energetic renovation with wood fibre insulation

Building renovation is not only about modern aesthetics, but also about optimised energy consumption. Energy-efficient renovation saves energy costs and is often subsidised by the state.


Heating with the warmth of nature

Wood is not only one of the oldest building materials used by man, but also the energy supplier of the first hour. Today, wood is again playing an increasingly important role as an energy source. In industry as well as in private households, heat and electricity are increasingly being generated from wood.