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Glued laminated timber (glulam) is the perfect material if you place particular value on high dimensional stability and accuracy. Even with larger dimensions and component lengths, the wood does not twist. Our glulam is of assured quality because the entire production process is subject to strict in-house and external monitoring.

  • GL 24h, GL 28h

    Strength class

Fields of application

  • Roof
  • Ceiling
  • Wall

Delivery formats

  • Type of wood

    • Local spruce
    • Scandinavian spruce
    • Mountain larch
  • Quality

    • Industrial quality
    • Visual quality
    • Larch
  • Strength class

    • GL24h
    • GL28h
Width (mm)
100 120 140 160 180 200 220 240 260 280
bis 1000
Thickness (mm)
Length 2,30 - 18,00 m
Width 100 - 280 mm
Other cross sections Available on request, calculation dimensions made on a base of 40 mm
Composite timber structures Composite timber structures made of glued laminated timber with rectangular cross section, block gluing; max. length 7.50 m; max. thickness 900 mm; max. width 1200 mm – available on request                                  
Andere Holzarten Fichte aus der Schweiz – lieferbar auf Anfrage

Hinweise: Profilmassberechnung; * Splintarme Rohware, keine Möbelqualität

Technical data

StandardEN 14080:2013
Strength class                       GL 24h, GL 28h                                                                                                                                                                       
Application classesUse in application classes 1 and 2 according to EN 1995-1-1
Drying                                  Kiln dried, wood moisture max. 15 %                                                                                                                                       
Bonding                                Clear, water-proof gluing with polyurethane adhesives (free of formaldehyde)                                                                           
General information              Planed on four sides, chamfered 4 mm (measured diagonally), trimmed precisely ± 1 mm                                                          


For your and our safety, we take great care to ensure a high standard of quality.


Suitable accessories

Find everything that is right and good for working and processing our timber products.

Reference KfW 40 Plus efficiency house in the countryside Mit lasierten Brettschichtholzdecken

In this property, pretty much everything that best wood SCHNEIDER has to offer in terms of wood, insulation and accessories was installed.

  • Location 88400 Biberach, Germany
  • Building type Residential buildings
  • Building measure New buildings