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The future is built on wood

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The beginnings were in Eberhardzell, more precisely in Kappel in 1911. This is where the master carpenter Ferdinand Schneider founded the Schneider sawmill. Only the view is picturesque here, because from the very first hour, work was carried out continuously with wood and on the future of the company. 110 years later, around 500 employees at three locations are working for environmentally friendly building materials made of wood.

The expansion Our new location in Messkirch (Germany)

Quality, customer orientation and, above all, environmentally friendly building materials are becoming increasingly popular - and our timber plant is growing with it. For this to succeed, we need space, which we have found at our new location in Messkirch. In the Nördlicher Bodensee industrial park, we are investing a total of 100 million euros on an area of eight hectares. The result is production with a closed value chain, as has already proven itself in Eberhardzell.

Milestones in our history

That best wood SCHNEIDER is where it is today is no coincidence. Numerous milestones mark the path to today's success, which you can discover here.

1911 - Der Zimmermeister Ferdinand Schneider gründet das Sägewerk in Kappel.

The master carpenter Ferdinand Schneider founds the sawmill in Kappel.

1931 - Betriebsübernahme durch Gebhard Schneider.

Takeover of the company by Gebhard Schneider. Expansion of production to include the manufacture of butter and cheese crates and, in later years, the manufacture of Almglocke bottle crates, beer and beverage crates.


After the death of Gebhard Schneider senior on 22 July, his son Gebhard takes over the company. Crate production is switched to folding crates for lettuce, vegetables and fruit. A pallet production is added.

1973 - Am 30. September brennt das Sägewerk vollständig ab.

On 30 September, the sawmill burns down completely.


During the reconstruction period, Gebhard Schneider suffers a fatal accident on 7 October, leaving behind his wife and seven children. Mrs Auguste Schneider continues the pallet production alone.


After completing his apprenticeship as a sawyer, the eldest son Ferdinand begins to rebuild the sawmill. Later, the younger brothers Robert and Hans-Peter also join the business after completing their apprenticeships as carpenters and joiners.

1993 -  Gründung der Gebrüder Schneider GmbH. Einbau einer modernen Holzspanerlinie und Bau von Trockenkammern.

Foundation of Gebrüder Schneider GmbH. Installation of a modern wood chipping line and construction of drying chambers.


The new plants for solid structural timber and the planing mill are put into operation.


Structure of the glulam production for glulam, Duo- and Trio-Balken®.

2004 - Inbetriebnahme des Biomasse-Heizkraftwerks biopower SKW.

Commissioning of the biomass cogeneration plant biopower SKW. 8 MW of electricity and 28 MW of heat are generated from waste wood and residual wood from the timber mill.


Expansion of the glulam plant by another production line. Construction of a high rack. Commissioning of an automatic loading station.


Move into the new office building in summer.


Construction of new continuous drying chambers.

2010 - Baubeginn einer Produktionsanlage für Holzfaser-Dämmplatten.

Start of construction of a production plant for wood fibre insulation boards.

2011 - Inbetriebnahme der neuen Produktionsanlage für Holzfaser-Dämmplatten

Commissioning of the new production plant for wood fibre insulation boards, closing the circle of energy-efficient production. The first board comes out of the plant on 3 February 2011.


Construction of a new high-bay warehouse.

2013 - Fertigstellung des Hochregallagers mit 10.000 Palettenplätzen

Completion of the high-bay warehouse with 10,000 pallet spaces. All wood fibre insulation boards are now available for immediate delivery.

2015 - New construction of a loading station.

New construction of a loading station.


New construction of a commission warehouse and a plant for wood fibre blow-in insulation.

2017 - Commissioning of the production plant for glulam ceiling elements

Commissioning of the production plant for glulam ceiling elements with connected joinery plant and glazing line for mineral paint application.


Commissioning of the production plant for cross laminated timber/CLT and hollow box elements (CLT BOX).


Commissioning of a second paint line in Eberhardzell.

2020 - Commissioning of new pellet plant incl. best wood PELLETS online shop.

Commissioning of new pellet plant incl. launch of best wood PELLETS online shop.

2021 - Start of construction of new production site in Messkirch
  • Start of construction of a new production site in Messkirch (Germany) with sawmill, CLT production and energy centre with pellet plant.
  • Commissioning of a third joinery line and the AQUA PROTECT line at the Eberhardzell plant.
  • Commissioning of the new sawmill in Meßkirch with energy centre and pellet plant
  • Start of construction of the CLT plant for large-format boards at the new location

Commissioning of the CLT plant for large-format cross laminated timber panels for solid wall and ceiling constructions at the Messkirch site: The new best wood CLT XL is born.

Good for nature, good for us all. Tested, certified.

Products with a natureplus label consist predominantly of renewable raw materials or raw materials that have been obtained in a nature-friendly way. Demanding independent tests and Europe-wide strictest limit values for indoor air quality guarantee the ecological quality of the certified products.


PEFC is a transparent and independent system for ensuring sustainable forest management and thus a global "forest MOT". Forest certification according to PEFC standards is based on very strict guidelines for the sustainable management of forests. This management is controlled by competent and independent organisations.


An EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) presents the life cycle of a building product as well as information relevant to building physics and in general. The Environmental Product Declaration is drawn up in accordance with the DIN EN 15804 standard and thus ensures a uniform assessment and comparability of EPDs.


With the CE marking, we as the manufacturer confirm that our best wood wood fibre insulation materials comply with the product-specific applicable European directives of the European Union.


The mark of conformity (Ü mark) identifies construction products that comply with the relevant technical rules, the building authority approval, the building authority test certificate or the approval in individual cases.


The KEYMARK is the European certification mark that documents the compliance of products with European standards.


Material guarantee deposited with the Central Association of the German Roofing Trade. Only the professional processing of flawless materials guarantees true customer satisfaction. This is why the ZVDH has developed the material guarantees together with renowned partners in the roofing industry. We offer the guild companies protection in the event of material complaints, in that we, as the manufacturer, have deposited a comprehensive guarantee for our products.


ENplus-certified pellets are produced according to strictly defined properties that exceed the applicable standard. ENplus monitors the entire supply chain from production to trade to delivery to the customer in order to ensure high fuel quality all the way to the storage room.


Our locations

In the heart of nature, for nature

Eberhardzell, Märstetten, Messkirch: This is the home of sustainable wood building materials – because it's best wood SCHNEIDER's home.


The future is built on wood

We have the future in front of our eyes - and in our hands: This is how we want to develop best wood SCHNEIDER sustainably and successfully.