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Headquarters Eberhardzell best wood SCHNEIDER® GmbH
Holzwerk Gebr. Schneider GmbH
biopower SKW GmbH
Kappel 28
88436 Eberhardzell

Phone: +49 7355 9320 0
Fax: +49 7355 9320 300

Location Märstetten (Switzerland) best wood SCHNEIDER® GmbH Weinfelderstrasse 29A
8560 Märstetten

Phone: +41 71 918 79 79
Fax: +41 71 918 79 78

Location Messkirch best wood SCHNEIDER® GmbH
Holzwerk Gebrüder Schneider GmbH
Industriepark 16
88605 Meßkirch

Phone: +49 7355 9320 8000
Fax: +49 7355 9320 300

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Please note that we cannot supply private individuals directly with our products. If you are interested in wood or wood fibre products from best wood SCHNEIDER, please contact your carpentry or architectural office. Thank you very much!

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