best wood FLEX 50 Insulation for the intermediate rafter area

FLEX 50 is the optimal insulation for the roof and timber frame construction. Due to its good clamping effect, FLEX 50 is easy to process.


  • Flexible wood fibre insulation board with a weight of 50 kg/m³
  • Easy processing due to good clamping effect
  • Easy to cut to size using an alligator (with serrated blade) or band saw
  • Excellent thermal conductivity value
  • Good heat protection in summer and optimal thermal insulation in winter
  • Improves sound insulation: wood fibre insulation boards are a very good sound insulator
  • Open to diffusion and therefore moisture regulating
  • Easy to install - secured by our processing guidelines Roof-mounted insulation
  • Completely recyclable
best wood FLEX 50
  • 0.037 [W/mK]

    Nominal value of thermal conductivity λD according to DIN EN 13171

  • 0.039 [W/mK]

    Rated value of thermal conductivity λB according to DIN 4108-4

  • 50 [kg/m³]


Fields of application

  • Insulation between rafters
  • Infilling insulation of walls in wooden framework and timber frame constructions
  • Insulation of wooden ceilings
  • Insulation of upper floor slabs
  • Insulation of ribbing on mineral substrates

Fields of application according to DIN 4108-10
DZ, DI-zk, WH, WI-zk, WTR

Delivery formats

Design Square edge
Format (mm) 565 x 1200
Thickness (mm) 40, 50, 60, 80, 100, 120, 140, 160, 180, 200, 220, 240
Special width sizes Possible from 490 up to 825 mm

Technical data

DenominationWF-EN 13171-T2-MU1/2-AFr10
Density50 [kg/m³]
Nominal value of thermal conductivity λD0.037 [W/(mK)]
Rated value of thermal conductivity λB 0.039 [W/(mK)]
Reaction to fire according to DIN EN 13501-1E
Construction material class according to DIN 4102-1B2
Full declarationWood fibers, polyamide (binding fiber), ammonium phosphate (flame retardant)
Production processDry process
Water vapor diffusion resistance μ1-2
Linear flow resistance> 10 [kPa·s/m²]
Specific heat capacity2100 [J/(kgK)]
Waste code according to AVV030105, 170201


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