best wood KVH Our solid structural timber

Solid structural timber - KVH® for short - is the material for modern timber constructions made of finger-jointed spruce.

Because safety is particularly important with KVH®, we pay special attention to quality. That is why we are also a member of the KVH® monitoring association with constant neutral monitoring by the MPA Stuttgart.

As KVH® sleepers, Douglas fir finger-jointed NSI, it is ideal for building balconies, terraces, bridges and much more.

best wood KVH Fichte
  • C24

    Strength class

Fields of application

  • Roof
  • Ceiling
  • Wall
  • Floor

Delivery formats

  • Type of wood

    • Spruce
    • Douglas
  • Cross section

    • Rectangular solid
    • Rectangular glued
    • Wedge-shaped
  • Composite

    • Finger-jointed
    • not finger-jointed
Thickness (mm)
45 50 60 80 100 120 140 160
Width (mm)
with finger joints, spruce, industrial quality, with finger joints, Douglas fir, industrial quality
Purch. in pack. Length 5.00–14.00 m
Single pieces 13.00 m (entire beams), 6.50 m (half beams)
KVH® as per list Length 5.00–14.00 m lengths under 5.00 m are available in multiple lengths
Fixed size ± 2,00 mm Length 2.30–5.00 m; min. 40 pieces / one dimension – one length; Length 5.00–14.00 m – single pieces possible
Douglas fir KVH single pieces Length 13.00 m
Other cross sections Available on request
without finger joints, spruce, NSI
Purch. in pack. Length 5.00 m
Single pieces Length 5.00 m
Scantling made from KVH separated into 30/50 mm

Technical data

StandardEN 15497:2014
Strength classC24
Application classesUse in application classes 1 and 2 according to EN 1995-1-1
DryingKiln dried, wood moisture max. 18 % at delivery
General informationFinger-jointed, planed on four sides (levelled), chamfered 4 mm (measured diagonally)


For your and our safety, we take great care to ensure a high standard of quality.


Suitable accessories

Find everything that is right and good for working and processing our timber products.

Reference KfW 40 Plus efficiency house in the countryside Mit lasierten Brettschichtholzdecken

In this property, pretty much everything that best wood SCHNEIDER has to offer in terms of wood, insulation and accessories was installed.

  • Location 88400 Biberach, Germany
  • Building type Residential buildings
  • Building measure New buildings

Reference Mali sports hall Biberach Ecological, functional, aesthetic

A gem of a municipal building: a total of around 1070 m³ of wood and 1,114 m² of best wood WALL wood fibre insulation were installed here in a very short time, packaged in a great design and combining different areas of use.

  • Location 88400 Biberach an der Riss, Germany
  • Building type Event buildings, Sports buildings, Municipal / public construction
  • Building measure New buildings

Reference St Nicholas Kindergarten Playing and learning in a healthy environment

In the Hausen district in the Beuron valley, a timber kindergarten was built in the former church garden. The architect and carpentry firm complemented each other perfectly and created a building that makes children's hearts beat faster and also fulfils all other requirements of the parish, embedded in the impressive rocky panorama of the Danube valley.

  • Location 88631 Hausen im Tal, Germany
  • Building type Social buildings, Municipal / public construction
  • Building measure New buildings

Reference Spacious, modern production hall at the Gmeiner carpentry Sustainability, innovation & craftsmanship combined

When Zimmerei Gmeiner realises its timber construction dreams, the result is a spacious, architecturally appealing new building in the industrial area - ready for the timber construction of the future! A fantastic building was created here using best wood CLT, glulam and KVH.

  • Location 72505 Krauchenwies, Germany
  • Building type Industrial and commercial buildings, Operational buildings
  • Building measure New buildings