Geschäftsleitung Ferdinand Schneider

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Management Family business with a future

"Despite all the progress we have made, we also remain true to the tradition of the family business. Our positive attitude to work and the family-like manners not only characterise our corporate culture, but are also appreciated and lived by our colleagues every day."

Ferdinand Schneider

The current management

In 1993, the brothers Ferdinand, Robert and Hans-Peter Schneider lay the foundation for the further expansion of the company founded over 100 years ago. Since then, they have jointly managed the successful medium-sized company.

Every year, new construction sites are created in our factory, because at best wood SCHNEIDER there is no standstill, but one direction - and that is forward. The three managers of the rapidly growing company, which stands for quality and progress, know that this success requires many good employees with their hearts in the right place.

Current management best wood SCHNEIDER

Hans-Peter, Ferdinand, Robert (von links nach rechts)

The next generation Schneider

And the next generation of "Schneiders" is already in the starting blocks: Carmen Schneider, cousin Timo and brother Max are already working in various areas of the company and will continue to run the Schneider group of companies in the fifth generation as successors. Because the motto is: "where Schneider is written on, Schneider is inside".

Carmen, Max, Timo (von links nach rechts)

Corporate development

(Continue) writing success stories

More than a century best wood SCHNEIDER is - not old, but young. Because we work tirelessly on our future.

Our locations

In the heart of nature, for nature

Eberhardzell, Märstetten, Messkirch: This is the home of sustainable wood building materials – because it's best wood SCHNEIDER's home.


The future is built on wood

We have the future in front of our eyes - and in our hands: This is how we want to develop best wood SCHNEIDER sustainably and successfully.