best wood CLT BOX - CEILING FS Wooden box element for multi-storey timber construction with sound and fire protection requirements

The further development of the CLT BOX: The best wood CLT BOX - CEILING FS is a wooden box element consisting of two CLT boards with ribbed wood glued in between. The integrated sound insulation provides improved impact sound insulation in the low-frequency range.

Winner of the ARCHITECTS' DARLING AWARD 2020 GOLD in the category "Best Product Innovation Shell Construction":

  • Highest overall satisfaction
  • 100 % recommendation
  • Highly significant from an architect's point of view
  • Convincing in construction time reduction, sustainability and fire protection


  • suitable for multi-storey construction
  • improved impact sound insulation in the low-frequency range
  • high resistance to fire
  • high static load-bearing capacity with comparatively low weight
  • large spans and thus column-free rooms possible
  • low construction height
  • high degree of prefabrication and simple connection of the ceiling elements for fast and economical assembly
  • utilisation of advantages of solid timber and timber post and beam construction methods
  • high-quality finished visible quality on the underside with additional surface finishing possible
best wood CLT Box - Decke FS
  • C24, GL 24h

    Strength class

Fields of application

  • Ceiling

Delivery formats

  • Type of wood

    • Local spruce
    • Scandinavian spruce
  • Quality

    • Visual quality
    • Industrial quality
Width (mm)
900 to 1200
Total height (mm)
Length 2.30–16.00 m, from 440 mm 8.00–16.00 m
Width 1000–1200 mm (900–1000 mm – Price on request)
GLULAM ribs width 80/100/120 mm depending on statics
Upper CLT board 60 mm
Untere CLT Platte Dicke 60 mm für F60, 90 mm für F90 (Gesamthöhe obere Tabelle +30 mm)
Number of ribs 3
Minimum production length per element width 8.00 m
Acoustic board placed in the rafter and glued to the lower CLT board ex works (wood fiber acoustic board)
Drillings ex works (for putting in the customer-provided chippings)
Chippings supplied in the required quantity and in 25 kg PE sacks and put in by the customer on site
Chippings plan included in scope of delivery

Technical data

Strength classBoard C24; rib GL 24h
Application classesUse in application classes 1 and 2 according to EN 1995-1-1
DryingKiln dried, wood moisture max.12.5% (± 2.0%)
BondingClear, water-proof gluing with polyurethane adhesives (free of formaldehyde)
LamellaeBoard: 20, 30 mm; rib 40 mm
General informationPlaned on four sides, bottom side chamfered 4 mm (measured diagonally)
Heat conductivityRib: λ = 0.13 (W/m*K); board: λ = 0.12 (W/m*K) according toETA-21/0336
Specific heat capacity1600 (J/kg*K) according to EN ISO 10456
CLT board diffusion resistanceμ 20 (damp) / 50 (dry) in accordance with EN ISO 10456
Emission classE1 according to DIN EN 717-1
Reaction to fireD-s2, d0 according to DIN EN 13501-1
FireproofingVerification possible via the free best wood STATICS software
AirtightnessAirtight after testing in accordance with EN 12114 from 60 mm


For your and our safety, we take great care to ensure a high standard of quality.

best wood CLT BOX - THE solution for multi-storey timber construction

Improved sound insulation

The integrated sound insulation of the best wood CLT BOX - CEILING FS consists of a wood fibre acoustic board and the best wood fill supplied. This specially coordinated combination ensures improved impact sound insulation in the low-frequency range. 

High fire resistance

The best wood CLT BOX - CEILING FS was tested at MFPA Leipzig GmbH for fire resistance according to DIN EN 1365-2:2015-02 and DIN EN 1363-1:2012-10. In the process, it was able to achieve F60/F90 or classification report REI60/REI90 with a structure in accordance with the general building authority test certificate.
The fire protection test was carried out with wood fibre acoustic board and fill.


Here you will find popular accessories for this product.

best wood CHIPPINGS

best wood CHIPPINGS

Used for putting into the best wood CLT BOX – CEILING FS and as ballast in best wood ceiling elements.

best wood HONEYCOMB 30/60

best wood HONEYCOMB 30/60

Honeycomb board made from cardboard which prevents movement and sliding of the best wood CHIPPINGS.



PUR sealing tape for fire protection for the element joints with CLT BOX – CEILING.

best wood LED 380 Rondel

LED 380 Rondel

The multi-talent of ambient lighting. In a flat, timeless design for decorative ceiling illumination.

Suitable accessories

Find everything that is right and good for working and processing our timber products.

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