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Sustainable building Wood is eco & logical

Our timber is sustainable and ecological. Because under ideal conditions, all it takes for this building material to develop is a little space, sun, rain - and time. As it grows, a tree also stores carbon from the air and is like a small climate fire brigade. Anyone who builds with wood and who pays attention to regional, environmentally friendly processing of the building material is doing something good for themselves and for nature. To this end, products from best wood SCHNEIDER are even certified according to natureplus as well as PEFC. natureplus is an effective sustainability label, as it takes social as well as ecological criteria into account. PEFC is the world's largest independent organisation for ensuring and improving sustainable forest management in compliance with ecological, social and economic standards.

Timber already offers many advantages in the construction phase: It can be processed precisely and quickly, often requires less space than other building constructions and, as a renewable raw material, effortlessly fulfils all environmental requirements. Due to the high variety of species, the right type of timber with the corresponding material properties can always be used for the specific purpose. The life span of timber structures is in no way inferior to other building materials - and should a structure one day have to give way, the timber it contains can be returned to the raw material cycle.

Thus, wood is the ideal material if a building is to be sustainably oriented. For in addition to the construction and maintenance costs, it is necessary to make an overall ecological assessment over the entire life span of the building project. Wood scores points here over the entire life cycle - from the extraction of raw materials to the reduction of the total energy demand to the life span as well as the possible subsequent use.

Good for nature, good for everybody. Tested, certified.

Products with a natureplus label consist predominantly of renewable raw materials or raw materials that have been obtained in a nature-friendly way. Demanding independent tests and Europe-wide strictest limit values for indoor air quality guarantee the ecological quality of the certified products.


PEFC is a transparent and independent system for ensuring sustainable forest management and thus a global "forest MOT". Forest certification according to PEFC standards is based on very strict guidelines for the sustainable management of forests. This management is controlled by competent and independent organisations.


An EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) presents the life cycle of a building product as well as information relevant to building physics and in general. The Environmental Product Declaration is drawn up in accordance with the DIN EN 15804 standard and thus ensures a uniform assessment and comparability of EPDs.


Produkte mit diesem Siegel wurden von natureplus geprüft und erfüllen die Anforderungen durch das Qualitätssiegel Nachhaltiges Gebäude (QNG) zur Schadstoffvermeidung in Baumaterialien.


With the CE marking, we as the manufacturer confirm that our best wood wood fibre insulation materials comply with the product-specific applicable European directives of the European Union.


The KEYMARK is the European certification mark that documents the compliance of products with European standards.


Material guarantee deposited with the Central Association of the German Roofing Trade. Only the professional processing of flawless materials guarantees true customer satisfaction. This is why the ZVDH has developed the material guarantees together with renowned partners in the roofing industry. We offer the guild companies protection in the event of material complaints, in that we, as the manufacturer, have deposited a comprehensive guarantee for our products.


ENplus-certified pellets are produced according to strictly defined properties that exceed the applicable standard. ENplus monitors the entire supply chain from production to trade to delivery to the customer in order to ensure high fuel quality all the way to the storage room.


QNG geprüft - natürlich! Qualitätssiegel Nachhaltiges Gebäude (QNG): Lösungen von best wood SCHNEIDER sind geprüft

Über unseren Partner natureplus, der unsere Produkte seit Jahren unabhängig prüft und damit die ökologische Qualität unserer Produkte garantiert, sind auch alle hierdurch zertifizierten Lösungen von best wood SCHNEIDER "QNG geprüft". Damit können wir garantieren, dass dunsere Lösungen die Anforderungen durch das Qualitätssiegel Nachhaltiges Gebäude (QNG) erfüllen – und machen so nachhaltiges Bauen mit Förderung möglich.

Schon in der Bauphase bietet Holz viele Vorteile: Es ist präzise und schnell zu verarbeiten, benötigt oftmals weniger Platz als andere Baukonstruktionen und erfüllt als nachwachsender Rohstoff mühelos alle Umweltauflagen. Durch die hohe Sortenvielfalt kann immer die richtige Holzsorte mit den dazugehörigen Materialeigenschaften für den spezifischen Zweck eingesetzt werden. Die Lebensdauer von Holzkonstruktionen steht anderen Baumaterialien in nichts nach – und sollte ein Bauwerk eines Tages weichen müssen, kann das darin enthaltene Holz in den Rohstoffkreislauf zurückgeführt werden.

Somit ist Holz der ideale Werkstoff, wenn ein Gebäude nachhaltig ausgerichtet sein soll. Denn neben den Bau- und Unterhaltskosten ist es notwendig, eine ökologische Gesamtbetrachtung über die gesamte Nutzungsdauer des Bauvorhabens vorzunehmen. Holz punktet hier über den gesamten Lebenszyklus – von der Rohstoffgewinnung über die Reduktion des Gesamtenergiebedarfs bis hin zur Lebensdauer sowie der möglichen Nachnutzung.

Vom Baumstamm zur Holzfaserdämmung bei best wood SCHNEIDER

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Best quality - naturally good: Whether timber, insulation or pellets, we at best wood SCHNEIDER offer you a comprehensive range of products for building and heating with wood.

References Show house and sample

Price-suspicious plus-energy house A single-family show house sets standards

In Altshausen, a single-family house with energy standard KfW 40 Plus has been nominated for the German Model House Award - we're keeping our fingers crossed!

  • Location 88361 Altshausen, Germany
  • Building type Residential buildings
  • Building measure New buildings

Three-storey with best wood SCHNEIDER A reference project for plaster baseboard and wood fibre insulation

In Bettenweiler, a three-storey multi-family house was built using the timber frame construction method - naturally with best wood SCHNEIDER

  • Location 88263 Bettenweiler, Germany
  • Building type Residential buildings
  • Building measure New buildings

Residential extension: studio building A place made of wood for creative development and versatile use of open CLT BOX elements

More space for creative processes and harmonious living: Here, traditional craftsmanship is skilfully combined with modern building techniques. An impressive symbol of contemporary building in harmony with nature.

  • Location 4714 Aedermannsdorf, Switzerland
  • Building type Residential buildings
  • Building measure New buildings, Extension


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