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How is a house extension in timber construction implemented? Where are refined design ceilings used? What possibilities do the best wood SCHNEIDER products offer for multi-storey timber construction? Here you will find reference projects, picture series, ideas and inspiration.

Residential extension: studio building A place made of wood for creative development and versatile use of open CLT BOX elements

More space for creative processes and harmonious living: Here, traditional craftsmanship is skilfully combined with modern building techniques. An impressive symbol of contemporary building in harmony with nature.

  • Location 4714 Aedermannsdorf, Switzerland
  • Building type Residential buildings
  • Building measure New buildings, Extension

Spacious, modern production hall at the Gmeiner carpentry Sustainability, innovation & craftsmanship combined

When Zimmerei Gmeiner realises its timber construction dreams, the result is a spacious, architecturally appealing new building in the industrial area - ready for the timber construction of the future! A fantastic building was created here using best wood CLT, glulam and KVH.

  • Location 72505 Krauchenwies, Germany
  • Building type Industrial and commercial buildings, Operational buildings
  • Building measure New buildings

St Nicholas Kindergarten Playing and learning in a healthy environment

In the Hausen district in the Beuron valley, a timber kindergarten was built in the former church garden. The architect and carpentry firm complemented each other perfectly and created a building that makes children's hearts beat faster and also fulfils all other requirements of the parish, embedded in the impressive rocky panorama of the Danube valley.

  • Location 88631 Hausen im Tal, Germany
  • Building type Social buildings
  • Building measure New buildings

City apartments with commercial unit Multi-storey timber construction with clt box elements

With the added bonus of sound insulation: Between our main site in Eberhardzell and the new plant in Meßkirch, an apartment block with commercial use was built with our ceiling system best wood CLT BOX - CEILING FS.

  • Location 88356 Ostrach, Germany
  • Building type Residential buildings, Industrial and commercial buildings
  • Building measure New buildings

Mali sports hall Biberach Ecological, functional, aesthetic

A gem of a municipal building: a total of around 1070 m³ of wood and 1,114 m² of best wood WALL wood fibre insulation were installed here in a very short time, packaged in a great design and combining different areas of use.

  • Location 88400 Biberach an der Riss, Germany
  • Building type Event buildings, Sports buildings, Municipal / public construction
  • Building measure New buildings
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wood at
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