Naturally ecologically refined

Ecological timber frame construction with refined ceiling elements Designed with natural flair

The carpentry firm Lothar Heine has built a single-family house in Achberg in the Allgäu region of Germany with the first sand-colored best wood CLT - CEILING. The result is impressive. An ecological construction method with a natural flair was important to the builders.

The decision for the visible wooden ceiling colored in "sand", sanded, was made quickly. The sandy color forms a soft, warm contrast to the white walls and the wooden decorative elements on the windows. The mineral paint is applied to the ceilings at the factory and scores with integrated UV protection. In addition, the paint, like the wood underneath, is diffusion-open, i.e. vapour-permeable. Thus, the ceiling provides a natural living climate.

The building was also insulated with wood. The best wood WALL 180 was installed on the walls as a plaster base board. On the roof, best wood TOP 140 provides excellent heat insulation in summer and protection against the cold in winter.

Key data

88147 Achberg, Germany
Building type
Residential buildings
New buildings
Planning and implementation
Zimmerei Lothar Heine

Colour finishing & protection

Surface finishing for roof and ceiling elements

Roof and ceiling elements with UV protection and noble colour glaze - ready commissioned for installation.

Directly to the products used

best wood CLT Decke


A solid wood element for load-bearing purposes: best wood CLT consists of at least three layers of cross-glued solid wood panels.

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