best wood TOP 180 Pressure resistant and weatherable

TOP 180 is a pressure-resistant and weatherable wood fibre insulation board for use as a rainproof sarking. It can also be used very well as weatherproof facade insulation. Due to the use of paraffin (wax), TOP 180 is hydrophobic throughout. The surface is equipped with an anti-slip latex coating.

The application of nail sealing tapes is not necessary. TOP 180 is to be laid on pressure, and no joints. Even the smallest joints have to be closed with best wood underlays-adhesive sealant FDM TOP before installing the counter batten.


  • Increased strength in the outer area of the above-rafter insulation
    Due toour unique production process, our TOP can be used on both sides and we have two identical surfaces with increased strength. This results in less waste during installation.
  • Can be exposed to the weather for up to 12 weeks
    Temporary weatherproof on-roof insulation (for roof pitches of 15° and more, classified as ZVDH class 3)
  • Anti-slip latex coating
    On the surface with slip-resistant latex coating for more safety on the roof for your employees
best wood TOP 180
  • 0.043 [W/mK]

    Nominal value of thermal conductivity λD according to DIN EN 13171

  • 0.043 [W/mK]

    Declared thermal conductivity λD according to SIA 279 (Switzerland)

  • 0.045 [W/mK]

    Rated value of thermal conductivity λB according to DIN 4108-4

  • 180 [kg/m³]


Fields of application

  • Temporary weatherproof on-roof insulation (for roof pitches of 15° and more, classified as ZVDH class 3)
  • According to an expert report of Holzforschung Austria, TOP 140 is suitable for application as a rain-tight subroof in accordance with ÖN B4119
  • Water-repellent sarking board for roof and wall
  • UDP-A according to ZVDH

Areas of application according to DIN 4108-10
DAD-ds, DAA-ds, DEO-ds, WAB-ds, WZ, WH

Delivery formats

  • Design

    • Tongue and groove
Format (mm)
580 x 2000 580 x 2500
Thickness (mm)

Technical data

Denomination of insulation boardWF-EN 13171-T5-DS(70,-)3-CS(10\Y)150-TR30-WS1,0-MU3-AFr100
Density180 [kg/m³]
Nominal value of thermal conductivity λD0.043 [W/(mK)]
Rated value of thermal conductivity λB0.045 [W/(mK)]
Reaction to fire according to DIN EN 13501-1 E
Construction material class according to DIN 4102-1 B2
Full declarationWood fibers, PMDI gluing, paraffin, Laltex
Production processDry process
Compressive stress at 10% compression≥ 150 [kPa]
Tensile strength perpendicular to the plane of the board≥ 30 [kPa]
Modulus of elasticity E(d)≥ 2,50 [N/mm2]
Water vapor diffusion resistance μ3
Linear flow resistance> 100 [kPa·s/m²]
Short time water absorption < 1.0 [kg/m²]
Specific heat capacity2100 [J/(kgK)]
Waste code according to AVV030105, 170201
Sarking board (EN 14964)SB.H


For your and our safety, we take great care to ensure a high standard of quality.

Heat protection

Wood fibre insulation materials from best wood SCHNEIDER® are true experts when it comes to protecting against heat radiation on hot summer days. Especially in the roof, the natural wood fibre insulation stands out in contrast to other insulation materials due to its comparatively high mass and its high heat storage capacity. The large amounts of heat energy from solar radiation are absorbed by the wood fibre insulation material and thus do not even reach the interior. The storage capacity (2100 [J/kgK]) ensures that the peak temperature on the inside occurs with a time delay, only at night (phase shift), where it can then be efficiently dissipated by night ventilation. In addition, the temperature of the inside of the building component is significantly reduced, which ensures fewer temperature fluctuations and a pleasant room temperature at any time of day or year.

Wood fibre insulating materials for on-roof insulation are therefore also popular for the renovation of old buildings. They offer various solutions for efficient and uncomplicated conversion.

Cold protection

Wood in itself has a very good insulating value. The wood fibre insulating materials have small air pockets that have an insulating effect and thus ensure very low U-values. Wood fibre insulating materials from best wood SCHNEIDER® thus provide excellent protection against the cold, which keeps the heat in the house and reduces energy costs.

Moisture protection

Wood fibre insulation materials are open to diffusion. This means that they are vapour permeable and prevent harmful moisture accumulation. Water vapour in the interior is therefore not simply blocked, which can lead to mould and damp rooms. Up to 15 percent by weight of moisture is temporarily stored in the porous wood fibres and can be released again via the diffusion or capillary path.

In case of moisture penetration from the outside, e.g. rain, the hydrophobic paraffin content (only 0.5 %) in all best wood SCHNEIDER® insulation materials prevents the penetration of water. Moisture is thus repelled by the insulation layer and runs off on the surface.

Compressive strength

best wood SCHNEIDER® produces insulation thicknesses up to 240 mm. The insulation material impresses with its consistent quality made from fresh spruce coniferous wood. Production using the dry process has proven to be an excellent solution for an equally high compression-resistant surface on both sides. This means that the boards can be walked on on both sides and are therefore easy to process.


Here you will find popular accessories for this product.

TESCON VANA Multi – purpose adhesive tape with fleece back

TESCON VANA Multi – purpose adhesive tape with fleece back

Can be used to form a secure and permanent seal on overlaps between foil and fleece membranes and joins between them.

best wood FDM TOP

best wood FDM TOP

For bonding of vapor check and for sealing joints (dust-free and dry) in the roof insulation (best wood TOP 140/160/180/220), with joint widths of ≤ 5 mm.



Adhesive primer for wood, wood fiberboards, masonry, rendering and concrete.

best wood DASAPLANO 0.01 CONNECT


3-ply airtightness membrane for external roof renovation when fully insulating the existing rafters.

Suitable accessories

Here you will find everything that is right and good for working and processing our insulation products.

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