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TOP 220 wood fiber insulation board

Weatherproof on-roof insulation and rain-proof sarking
• anti-slip latex coating
• enhanced density
TOP 220 is a pressure-resistant, weatherproof insulation board and a rain-proof sarking board, classified as ZVDH class 3 (ZVDH=Federation of German Roofing Contractors). Furthermore, TOP is also ideally suitable for weatherproof facade insulation on both-closed and ventilated curtain wall facades. Due to the use of paraffin (wax), the best wood board is completely water-repellent. The surface is equipped with an anti-slip latex coating. TOP 220 is weatherproof for up to 12 weeks‘ outdoor exposure. The application of nail sealing tapes is not necessary. TOP 220 is to be laid on pressure and joint free. Even the smallest joints have to be closed with best wood underlays-adhesive sealant UDB before installing the counter batten.

Nominal value of thermal conductivity λD: 0,047 [W/(m·K)]
Density: 220 [kg/m³] 

Fields of application

  • Temporary weatherproof on-roof insulation (for roof pitches of 15° and more, classified as ZVDH class 3)
  • According to an expert report of Holzforschung Austria, TOP 220 is suitable for application as a raint-tight subroof in accordance with ÖN B4119.
  • Water-repellent sarking board for roof and wall
  • UDP-A according to ZVDH
  • Advantages
  • Sizes
    Nut-Feder Cover size in mm: 580 x 2000
    Thickness in mm: 22 | 35 | 40 | 50 | 60 Nut-Feder Edge: Tongue + groove
  • Certificates

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