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Extension in Nonnenhorn on Lake Constance The CLT BOX convinces with high static load capacity at low weight

More space to work would be great, but the property is already completely used up. This is what happened to the Hirlinger carpentry  on Lake Constance, and the wooden house extension came into play. This can be realised almost anywhere and is particularly interesting when the price of land is high.

Joos Holzbau from Nonnenhorn was commissioned with the extension and decided on the best wood CLT BOX, a structurally effective and at the same time space-creating wooden element. Thanks to the flexible dimensions and excellent structural-physical properties, nothing stands in the way of the structural requirements of the extension.
With a span of 12.47 metres as a single-span girder, the best wood CLT BOX offers a lot of freedom in the design of the floor plan. Disturbing supports and beams are a thing of the past. The CLT BOX can be walked on directly after installation, thus saving time and costs.

The design software best wood STATICS was developed for the planning and design of construction projects with the CLT BOX. Constructions with the CLT BOX can be dimensioned easily, safely and quickly. So everything is safely planned and the implementation can begin.

Key data

88149 Nonnenhorn, Germany
Building type
Industrial and commercial buildings
Joos Holzbau

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best wood CLT Box


Statically effective and at the same time space-creating: best wood CLT BOX is a wooden element that is suitable for every structural requirement.

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