best wood PERIMETER INSULATION Plaster baseboard for base details in the outdoor area

The best wood PERIMETER INSULATION BOARD is made from high quality polystyrene. The insulation boards are particularly characterized by a high grade of accuracy and a high degree of non-shrinking. This enables an efficient and no joints processing.

best wood Perimeterdämmung
  • 0.035 [W/mK]

    Rated value of thermal conductivity λB according to DIN 4108-4

Fields of application

  • For installations with special base detail, see best woodprocessing guidelines perimeter area
  • Furthermore, applicable as a base insulation board in thesolid construction. An installation depth of up to 3 m is possible

Delivery formats

  • Design

    • Square edge
    • Square edge (reveal board)
Format (mm)
500 x 1000
Thickness (mm)

Technical data

SpecificationEPS 035 PW
Rated value of thermal conductivity λB 0,035 [W/(mK)]
Edge profilesStumpf
Compressive stress at 10 % compression150 [kPa]
Fire indexB1 according to DIN 4102


Here you will find popular accessories for this product.

best wood FDM WALL

best wood FDM WALL

Assembly adhesive to fasten reveal boards and seal joints in the wall insulation, when the joint width is about 2–5 mm.

best wood plastic base profiles

best wood plastic base profiles

Plastic base rail system with base section and clip-on mesh rail.

best wood joint insulation tape

best wood joint insulation tape

Pre-compressed expanding foam insulation tape to seal open joints and connections in facades against driving rain whilst permitting vapor diffusion.

Suitable accessories

Here you will find everything that is right and good for working and processing our insulation products.

Reference KfW 40 Plus efficiency house in the countryside Mit lasierten Brettschichtholzdecken

In this property, pretty much everything that best wood SCHNEIDER has to offer in terms of wood, insulation and accessories was installed.

  • Location 88400 Biberach, Germany
  • Building type Residential buildings
  • Building measure New buildings