Sound insulation Sound insulation in timber construction, with the tranquillity of nature

Whether in public buildings, apartment buildings or private homes, sound insulation plays a key role when it comes to the feel-good factor at home or in the office. Especially when it comes to impact sound, it is not only important to comply with standards, but also to pay attention to the subjective perception of neighbourly walking noises.

Those who rely on wood as a raw material for sound insulation can build on sound insulation whose values meet the standard requirements and also score in the low-frequency range - the exact data and measured values can be found in the best wood SCHNEIDER component database and sound insulation brochure. Sound insulation certificates are also part of our service.

In addition, wood as a high-performance building material can be used with maximum flexibility and is an architectural highlight with its numerous design options.

Products You will find the right products with us!

best wood SCHNEIDER - sustainable timber construction materials for building projects with a future

best wood BSH Decke


Quick and easy to install, can be walked on immediately after installation, high stability and good for the indoor climate.

best wood CLT Box - Decke FS


The wooden box element for multi-storey timber construction with extended sound and fire protection requirements.

best wood CLT Decke


A solid wood element for load-bearing purposes: best wood CLT consists of at least three layers of cross-glued solid wood panels.

Good for nature, good for everybody. Tested, certified.

Products with a natureplus label consist predominantly of renewable raw materials or raw materials that have been obtained in a nature-friendly way. Demanding independent tests and Europe-wide strictest limit values for indoor air quality guarantee the ecological quality of the certified products.

An EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) presents the life cycle of a building product as well as information relevant to building physics and in general. The Environmental Product Declaration is drawn up in accordance with the DIN EN 15804 standard and thus ensures a uniform assessment and comparability of EPDs.

With the CE marking, we as the manufacturer confirm that our best wood wood fibre insulation materials comply with the product-specific applicable European directives of the European Union.

The mark of conformity (Ü mark) identifies construction products that comply with the relevant technical rules, the building authority approval, the building authority test certificate or the approval in individual cases.

The KEYMARK is the European certification mark that documents the compliance of products with European standards.

Material guarantee deposited with the Central Association of the German Roofing Trade. Only the professional processing of flawless materials guarantees true customer satisfaction. This is why the ZVDH has developed the material guarantees together with renowned partners in the roofing industry. We offer the guild companies protection in the event of material complaints, in that we, as the manufacturer, have deposited a comprehensive guarantee for our products.

PEFC is a transparent and independent system for ensuring sustainable forest management and thus a global "forest MOT". Forest certification according to PEFC standards is based on very strict guidelines for the sustainable management of forests. This management is controlled by competent and independent organisations.

ENplus-certified pellets are produced according to strictly defined properties that exceed the applicable standard. ENplus monitors the entire supply chain from production to trade to delivery to the customer in order to ensure high fuel quality all the way to the storage room.

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