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Glulam ceiling elements

Glulam ceiling elements - Due to the good prefabrication, SCHNEIDER glulam ceilings can be installed quickly and easily.


Glulam ceiling elements, ripped

Glulam ceiling elements, ripped are a cost-saving solution when statics allow weaker ceiling thicknesses.

Glulam ceiling elements, acoustic

SCHNEIDER glulam ceiling elements, acoustic offer an advanced acoustic absorption in connection with upgraded creative possibilities.

Glulam ceiling beams

Glulam ceiling beams are made of DUO/TRIO glued beams with a tongue and groove profile. The relatively small elements are easy to install.

Glulam ceiling elements made by best wood SCHNEIDER®

- Wooden ceilings are standing for a comfortable living environment
- Quick and easy installation - instantly walk-on-able
- Perfectly suitable for impact sound insulation

Living environment

Wood is a natural building material. It regulates air humidity and thereby creates a comfortable environment to live in.


The wood we use comes from sustainably farmed forests, which is proved by the PEFC - and natureplus-certificate.

Quick & Easy

Can be installed within a few hours and can be used immediately afterwards.

Noise protection

Ceiling elements from glulam and DUO beams® are perfectly suitable for impact sound insulation.