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best wood CLT BOX – ROOF

open box element for passive house construction

best wood CLT with two glued-on lamellae ribbed beams

Product description best wood CLT BOX – ROOF

best wood CLT BOX is a statically effective and at the same time space-creating wood element, which is suitable for all construction requirements thanks to its versatile dimensions and excellent construction characteristics. A high-performance and versatile building product is created by utilising the advantages of solid timber and wood frame construction.

The combination of CLT and ribbing planks produces a high static load-bearing capacity with a comparatively low weight. The crosswise assembly from high-quality raw material in combination with high-quality gluing of edges and surfaces guarantees a high degree of dimensional stability. A high degree of prefabrication of the best wood CLT BOX with downstream cut-off and the simplicity of joining the best wood CLT BOX elements ensures swift and cheap installation and guarantees dry construction. It is simple to produce building element constructions with increased fire resistance with evidence from the best wood STATICS software.

  • Characteristics


    • best wood CLT with lamellae ribbed beams glued on in the factory
    • high static load-bearing capacity with comparatively low weight
    • large spans and therefore prop-free rooms possible
    • high degree of prefabrication and simple joining of the roof elements for swift and cheap installation
    • utilises advantages of solid timber and wood frame construction
    • high resistance to fire
    • high-quality ready visual quality on the underside with additional surface finishing possible
    • outstanding insulation characteristics due to insulation of spaces for passive house construction
  • Sizes
    Standard dimensions    
    Standard length 15,00 m  
    Standard width Profile inlay board 900–1,200 mm
      Shiplap edge 900–1,200 mm invoiced profile dimensions
        900–1,150 mm coverage dimensions
    Profile version inlay board for forming the ceiling section    
    Three-layer board with building approval    
    22/100 mm in 5.00 m/pieces    
    Special format: Minimum production length per element width 8.00 m    
    Special length 2.30–16.00 mm    
    Special width 900–1,250 mm Upper CLT board in 60 mm, lower CLT board in 90/120 mm (fire safety)    
    Layer structure  
    see PDF file  
  • Certificates


    For both, your and our safety we pay special attention to guarantee the highest quality standards.

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