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Cross laminated timber redefined – Edges glued longitudinally and across

best wood CLT

Cross laminated timber for solid roof, wall and ceiling structures

Product description

best wood CLT is a load-bearing solid wood element, consisting of at least three layers of crossways glued solid wood boards, which is suitable for all building requirements thanks to its excellent construction characteristics. The crosswise structure of high-quality raw material in combination with high-quality of gluing of edges and sides guarantees a high degree of dimensional stability, and leads to only small deformations from swelling and shrinking in the event of moisture changes in the panel level. A high degree of prefabrication of the best wood CLT with downstream cut-off and the simplicity of joining the best wood CLT elements ensures swift and cheap installation and guarantees dry construction. It is simple to produce building element constructions with increased fire resistance with evidence from the best wood STATICS software.

best wood STATICS

Staticsoftware best wood Schneider

We have developed the dimensioning software best wood STATICS to help you in your planning. Using best wood STATICS, designs with best wood Glulam, CLT and the best wood CLT BOX can be dimensioned simply, safely and quickly. After filling in the form, a link for downloading the software will be sent to the email address provided in the form.

Refined surfaces

Ingo Rack

best wood elements with mineral paint applied, delivered ready picked with a protective film to the construction site. The diffusion-open paints preserve the wood’s hygroscopic properties and impress with their mineral matt look, absolute UV resistance and durability. This natureplus-certified product is available in a sanded and rough-sawn look. More colours possible on request.

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