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for modern house building

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Living environment

Wood is a natural building material. It regulates air humidity and thereby creates a comfortable environment to live in.


The wood we use comes from sustainably farmed forests, which is proved by the PEFC - and natureplus-certificate.


Naturally insulated, wooden houses act warmer on people than they actually are. This reduces heating costs and increases well-being.

CO2 Accumulator

A wooden house can save up to 30 tonnes of CO2. Anyone who builds a house out of wood, actively contributes to climate protection.


Glulam spruce

Glulam spruce are the ideal material when great importance is placed upon high form maintenance and dimensional stability.


Glulam larch

For the glulam we exclusively use highest quality central European mountain larch originating from the alpine regions.

DUO/TRIO glued beams

DUO/TRIO glued beams

DUO/TRIO glued beams are especially suitable for all applications with high demands on form stability of the wooden parts.

Glued timber for wall constructions

Glued timber for wall constructions - DUO glued beams

Our DUO glued timber for wall constructions has a high form stability also for stronger wall constructions.

Glued timber for wall constructions - glulam

Our glued timber for wall constructions - glulam - are perfect for very strong wall and ceiling constructions as for passive houses e.g.

KVH® solid structural timber

KVH® solid structural timber

For both, your and our safety, we pay especial attention to guarantee the highest quality standards.

Glulam ceiling elements

Glulam ceiling elements

With this organic solution, a very enjoyable room climate can be obtained.

Glulam ceiling elements ripped

Ripped glulam ceiling elements are a cost-saving solution when statics allow weaker ceiling thicknesses.

Glulam ceiling elements acoustic

SCHNEIDER glulam ceiling elements acoustic offer an advanced acoustic absorption in connection with upgraded creative possibilities.

Glulam ceiling beams

Glulam ceiling beams are made of DUO-/TRIO-Beams® with a tongue and groove profile. The relatively small elements are easy to install.

Planks for log house constructions

Planks for log house constructions - glued

High dimensional stability with glued planks for log houses. The solid wood appearance is maintained.


Planks for log house constructions - solid

High dimensional stability with planks for log houses. Wood moisture of our solid beams for log houses is max. 18 %.

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Construction timber

Construction timber

Construction timber/ Laths Fir/ Spruce/ Larch

Nature & quality

best wood Schneider products are certified natureplus and PEFC
Quality: Our wood has a secured quality, as the complete production process is subject to strict internal and external inspection. For both, your and our safety, we pay attention to grant a high level of quality.

best wood Schneider CE Siegel
best wood Schneider DIN1052-2008-C24
best wood Schneider DIN1052-GL24h
best wood Schneider DIN1052-GL28h
best wood Schneider DIN4074-S-10-TS
Holzforschung Österreich
best wood Schneider nature plus 114-1
best wood Schneider oenorm-EN-385
best wood Schneider oenorm-EN-386-BSH
best wood Schneider PEFC
Überwachungszeichen KVH
best wood Schneider Verbundbauteil BSH
best wood Schneider MPA Z-9-1-440-DUO