FLOOR 140 wood fiber insulation board

Floor insulation
Wood fiber insulation board with foundation lath to fasten floor structures. Wood fiber insulation board without foundation lath for application as sub-base for floating dry screed structures as well as self levelling floor screeds and cement screeds.

Nominal value of thermal conductivity λD: 0,040 [W/(m·K)]
Density: 140 [kg/m³] 

Fields of application

  • With foundation lath, to fasten floor structures
  • Without foundation lath, for application as sub-base for dry screeds
  • Sizes

    Vorteile Fußbodendämmung FLOOR 140

    • Druckfeste Holzfaserplatte unter Estrichaufbauten
    • Auf die FLOOR 140 kann, in Verbindung mit der Einlegeleiste, ein Fußbodenbelag (Dielenboden, OSB, Spanplatte) direkt geschraubt/montiert werden.
  • Formate
  • Advantages

    For both, your and our safety we pay special attention to guarantee the highest quality standards.

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