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Insulation saw / sword saw

Easy cutting of insulation material with the new sword saw IS 330 of FESTOOL. 

Product description

Ideal for the cutting of insulation material. The sword saw IS 330 EB combines the advantages of a chain saw and hand-held saw with a guide rail in a unique mobile System. With this saw, pressure-resistant insulating materials such as wood fiber panels can be cut to size easily, quickly and thanks to the guide rail precisely. The IS 330 EB can be used anywhere - even in small spaces, like for example on a scaffold. With a cutting depth of 330 mm, the IS 330 is a safe investment in a future with steadily increasing insulation thicknesses. 

Pressure-resistant insulation materials can be cut easily thanks to the sword saw IS 330 that provides a cutting depth of 330 mm.


  • Ideal for construction sites: cutting depth of 330 mm for cutting thick insulating materials to size an 7.0 kg in weight.
  • 60° mitre cutting angle with a cutting depth of 165 mm
  • Straight and splinter-free cuts thanks to guide rails
  • Chain changed and tensioned without using tools
  • Rotary dust-extraction attachment for connecting an extractor
  • Drawing cut for rapid, jolt-free Operation and an outstanding cutting quality
  • Not suitable for wood
Detailansicht Schneider Dämmstoffsäge
Detailansicht Schneider Dämmstoffsäge
Detailansicht Schneider Dämmstoffsäge
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