Wood fiber insulation | best wood keyhole saw for blow-in insulation

best wood Keyhole saw for blow-in insulation

for blow-in openings

Product description

The best wood keyhole saw has be developed especially for drillings in wood fiber insulation boards. Thanks to the special cutting geometry and the extremely thin blade, very short drilling times can be achieved. Furthermore, a very good drilling result can be achieved with the best wood keyhole saw and the core can be reused to close the blow-in opening. It is only suitable for the drilling of wood fiber insulation boards. The best wood keyhole saw is packed in a plastic box, in order to protect the blade.

Technical data

  • Drilling diameter: 106,5 mm
  • Speed recommendation: 400-600 rpm
  • Clamping shank: Ø 13 mm
  • For board thicknesses of 60 and 80 mm
  • Item number: 6115LS106,5


  • Short drilling times
  • Reduces formation of dust
  • Core can be reused to Close the blow-in opening
  • No further costs for additional sealing plugs
  • No need to order or to stockpile a plug
  • Easy re-sharpening of the tool

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