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Wood fiber insulation

best wood SCHNEIDER® wood fiber insulation boards

ETICS with timber frame constructions

On timber framed constructions, the wood fiber insulation board is fixed directly onto the wooden construction.  The fixation is made customarily by wide back braces until an insulation height up to 120 mm. For insulation heights of 140 mm and more, the fixation is made by means of an insulation anchor.

Traditional timber frame construction with insulated frame construction. OSB board on the inside for the strengthening and as air sealing/vapour barrier with an insulation board that is clipped on as possible installation level. On the outer side a render wood fiber insulation board.

Sample construction:

  • Fiber-reinforced plasterboard
  • FLEX 50 + installations
  • OSB panel of 15 mm
  • Timber frame construction with best wood wall timber
  • 140 mm wood fiber insulation board FLEX 50
  • (ETICS) 60 mm wood fiber insulation board WALL 180
  • (ETICS) best wood adhesive and reinforcing mortar (UP)
  • (ETICS) best wood fiber reinforcement fabric
  • (ETICS) best wood adhesive and reinforcing mortar (UP)
  • (ETICS) best wood mineral plaster (MOP) + (ETICS) best wood silicone resin paint
  • (ETICS) best wood plastic base profile