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Fastening material


best wood Ejotherm STR H screw-in anchor for insulation boards

Screw for insulation boards with a diameter of 6 mm for flush fastening on wooden substrates, plate diameter: 60 mm, effective screw-in depth: 35 mm


best wood Screw-in anchor H for insulation boards

Screw Ø 6 mm to fasten insulation board WALL 140/180 and pre-plastered WALL 140/180 in timber frame constructions and solid wooden substrates.

best wood Mounting tool H

Mounting tool to fasten the best wood Screw-in anchor H. The Torx insert TX20 is not included.


best wood Ejotherm STR U 2G screw-in anchor for insulation boards

Pre-assembled screw-in anchor, Ø 8 mm, for insulation boards. Universal screw-in anchor for countersunk and surface fixed installation in concreteand masonry. Anchor plate Ø 60 mm.

best wood Spiral anchor

Fastening solution for light attachments to ETICS facades


best wood FDM adhesive sealant for joints

Assembly adhesive to fasten reveal boards and seal joints in the wall insulation, when the joint width is about 2-5 mm. The assembly adhesive can be plastered over.

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