Wood fiber insulation | Accessories

best wood SCHNEIDER® Accessories

ETICS-products and accessories for wood fiber insulation boards

Reinforcement, plaster, paint and accessories

Adhesive and reinforcing mortar, mineral plaster, silicone resin plaster, silicone resin paint, reinforcement, render- and base profiles, joint insulation tape

Fastening material

screw-in anchors for insulation boards, spiral anchors, adhesive sealant for joints

Vapor barriers and airtight sealing membranes

Vapor barriers and airtight sealing membranes, underlays, nail sealing tape

Bonding and sealing

Multi-purpose adhesive tape, tescon primer, wall lining membranes, underlay adhesive sealant, Orcon F joint adhesive

Fastening of insulation board under roof

screws for insulation board under roof and curtain wall facades