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Company and history

1911: Master carpenter Ferdinand Schneider founds the sawmill in Kappel.

1931: Aquisition of the sawmill by Gebhard Schneider. Expansion of production by the fabrication of butter and cheese boxes as well as in later years fabrication of Almglocke boxes for bottles, beer crates and crates for other beverages.

1963: After the death of Gebhard Schneider sen. on July 22, the company is lead by his son Gebhard. The production of boxes is switched to the production of foldable crates for salad, vegetables and fruit. Furthermore, a pallet production is added.

1973: On september 30 the sawmill was completely destroyed by fire.

1974: During the construction phase Gebhard Schneider was killed in an accident on October 7 and leaves his wife and seven children behind. Mrs. Augusta Schneider leads the pallet production on her own.

1979: After completion of the apprenticeship as a sawyer the eldest son Ferdinand begins to rebuild the sawmill. After having completed their aprenticeships as joiner and carpenter the two younger brothers Robert and Hans-Peter join their brother and the company.

1993: Foundation of Gebrüder Schneider GmbH. Installation of a modern wood production line and installation of drying chambers.

1998: KVH production line and planing line were brought into service.

2000: Installation of the laminated wood production line for glulam and Duo- and Trio-beams®.

2004: Biomass power plant was brought into service. Out of leftover wood from the wood production line there are made 8 MW electricity and 28 MW heat.

2005: Expansion of the production line for laminated wood, installation of a high rack warehouse and a fully automated loading station was brought into service.

2007: A new and more efficient production unit  to produce wood with finger joints was brought into service. Administration moved into a new building in summer.

2008: Installation of new conveyer drying chambers.

2010: Start of construction of a production line for wood fiber insulation boards with an investment volume of 35 million €.

2011: The new production line for wood fiber insulation boards was brought into service. Important Date: The first board came out of the production line on february 3, 2011.

2012: By commissioning of the highly modern production line for wood fiber insulation boards the circle of an energy-efficient production is closed. Installation of a new high rack warehouse.

2013: Completion of the high rack warehouse which offers space for 10.000 palettes. All the best wood® wood fiber insulation boards are now available at any time.

2015: New building loading station.

Holzwerk Schneider im Jahr 1911
Holzwerk Schneider im Jahr 1931
Holzwerk Schneider im Jahr 1973
Holzwerk Schneider im Jahr 1993
Holzwerk Schneider im Jahr 2004
Holzwerk Schneider im Jahr 2011
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