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From left to right:

Timo, Hans-Peter,
Ferdinand, Carmen,
Max and Robert Schneider

best wood SCHNEIDER - Family business with a future

For more than 20 years, best wood SCHNEIDER GmbH has been producing products for wooden houses, standing for quality and progress. Our products cover the complete building envelope of a passive house. Soon, you will even be able to purchase the pellets for your heating from us.

»Everything the tree gives«

The vision of the future is our philosophy. This also includes a company utilising its raw material – in our case wood – as much as possible. That means, we take trees from local forests and use it to produce solid structural timber and wooden ceilings. We use the wood chips from the production to produce wood fibre insulating materials for home construction. Here we score with heat protection in the summer and natureplus certified products.

We use everything the tree gives. We buy our wood only where sufficient regrowth has been demonstrated. We work from the region for the region and thus have short transport routes because that's the only way to ensure an environmentally conscious and sensible manufacturing process. Every year, new construction sites are built in the factory because there is no downtime for best wood SCHNEIDER, but only one direction, and that is ahead.

Three generations about a company and their visions

Carmen Schneider, corporate lawyer, will lead the Schneider company group in the fifth generation. She knows exactly what's to come. A pellet plant is being planned, a factory extension for solid wood ceilings, as well as a new sawmill. Timber construction is booming and demand for ecological building materials is increasing. Investments are essential. Despite all the progress, however, she also sees the value of the family business, which she wishes to maintain. "My grandmother was in the office for more than 50 years – our employees value that and they are influenced by the work ethic

and the informal manners of the management." What began in 1993 with the three brothers, Ferdinand, Robert, and Hans-Peter Schneider, will be continued in the generations to come. The cousin Timo Schneider will take over the area of software and plant control, Max Schneider is becoming a wood technician in a dual study program. "If it says Schneider, there's Schneider inside," is her simple motto. Planing produces shavings, and one thing is certain: in Kappel near Eberhardzell, there is plenty of that. So it's going to be exciting at best wood SCHNEIDER!