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NEW ... Air injected wood fiber insulation best wood FIBRE

FIBRE offers the possibility to insulate even complicated compartments.

A joint-free insulation can be guaranteed.

Thanks to the interconnection of the wood fiber, a constant resistance against settling can be obtainedat at a fill density of 35 – 38 kg/m3 !

FIBER can be used in the industrial prefabrication as well as for reovation works.


Read more about best wood FIBER ...

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best wood SCHNEIDER® provides you with beautiful and high quality ceilings.

The wooden ceilings from glulam timber meet special requirements for fire prevention, acoustics or installation management. Even sophisticated architectural requirements can be fulfilled.


Our ceiling elements from glulam timber are available with almost every possible cut-out version, edge profiles and openings (e.g. for risers or well holes). Our ceiling elements are individually produced. In our order based, high quality production we realize products with the highest precision.


…  With lengths from 2.3 to 18 meters and ceiling thicknesses from 100 to 280 millimeters, our ceiling elements meet all architectural requirements.


The best wood ceiling elements are now available as a colour glazed version. In sanded surface optics or rough sawn surface optics, coated with innovative silicate paints of KEIM. We have therefore kept to our principle "of a natural and healthy living environment" and aim to offer you a perfectly coordinated colour range for the realization of your dreams of living. The design elements can be walked on immediately after being installed.

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Publication of the EPD for best wood SCHNEIDER® insulation boards FLEX 50

SUSTAINABILITY is of utmost significance to best wood SCHNEIDER®. Therefore, we have made the EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) for our FLEX 50 wood fiber insulation boards.

Type III Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for building products are based on the ISO 14025 and EN 15804 international standards, and are suitable for all building-related products and services. They require verification by independent third parties and contain comprehensive and quantitative information based on a life cycle assessment. Their environmental effects are made transparent and are represented neutrally, without evaluation. EPDs are published by the IBU programme (Institut Bauen und Umwelt e.V.).

Our wood fiber insulation boards are of the highest quality. Furthermore, they have an excellent life cycle assessment.

Our products stand for a natural, healthy and pleasant living climate.


Download EPD (in English langage)

Flex 50 Umwelt Produktdeklaration

200 different cross-sections in stock – best wood SCHNEIDER guarantees short delivery times!25-04-2016

The new warehouse for beams of the best wood SCHNEIDER® GmbH helps to improve the delivery capacity and the delivery times for KVH (solid structural timber) and for Duo/Trio/Quattro beams held in stock. A new plant for Gluelam Ceiling Elements produces ceilings with highest precision.

The new warehouse for beams in Eberhardzell (South of Germany), which entered into service in spring of 2016, reduces the delivery times for KVH (solid structural timber) and Duo/Trio/Quattro beams, which are now available at short notice in 200 different cross-sections. The order-picking and the preparation for dispatch are a fully automated process. Furthermore, the optimized transport from the high-rack warehouse to the loading station leads to a capacity extension of the plant. In view of the strong demand for best wood SCHNEIDER products, this increase in capacity was necessary.

New production line for Gluelam Ceiling Elements

The new production line for ceiling elements, inaugurated in April 2016, allows for a more efficient and individual production of ceiling elements from solid wood in the highest precision. The Gluelam Ceiling Elements are available in scandinavian spruce, visual quality; in local spruce, visual and industrial quality or in mountain larch - now in almost every imaginable cutouts, edge profiles an recesses (e.g. for riser cables or staircase wells). Working steps that formerly have been carried out manually on the building site, now are prefabricated precisely, efficiently and in a high quality in the plant. Then the products are order-picked, prepared for dispatch and delivered directly to the construction site. With lengths from 2,3 to 18 meters and thicknesses from 100 to 280 millimeters, the ceiling elements do meet all the constructive and architectural requirements.

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