Ceiling elements | Sound Insulation

best wood SCHNEIDER® Certified ceiling elements


Certified ceiling elements

Values measured in the testing laboratory according to ISO 140-3:1995 and ISO 140-6:1998. The admissible payload capacities for point and area loads have to be liberalized individually for each building project by the material manufacturer in accordance with the ceiling structure, the used materials, the material thicknesses and the end covering.

Sound Insulation regulations

Particularly in housebuilding, the sound protection is of high importance for the wellbeing and the health of the human being, since the home serves to feel comfortable and to relax. For single-family homes, simple superstructures normally are a sufficient sound protection. For multiple family dwellings and public buildings, national regulations, DEGA recommendation 103 and the VDI guideline 4100 have to be taken in consideration. Therefore, it is recommendable to agree in writing the required demands to air and impact protection with the construction supervisor for each building project. Thanks to the best wood ceiling system, with the following certified ceiling elements, you have various possibilities to meet national regulations requirements, the DEGA recommendation 103 and the VDI guidelines 4100.