Ceiling elements


best wood SCHNEIDER®

Certified ceiling elements from best wood SCHNEIDER

Particularly in housebuilding, the sound protection is of high importance for the wellbeing and the health of the human being, since the home serves to feel comfortable and to relax.

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Individual production of ceiling elements from solid wood in highest precision.Available from scandinavian spruce and local spruce in visual or industrial quality or frommountain larch - now available with almost every possible cut-out version, edge profilesand openings (e.g. for risers or well holes).

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SURFACE FINISHING for glulam ceiling elements

Glulam ceiling elements with mineral colour coating are delivered to the construction site in anorder-based arrangement and coated with protective foil. The coating, open to diffusion, is preserving the naturalhygroscopic characteristics of wood. It impresses by its mineral matt optic, its UV-resistance and its persistance. The product, certifiednatureplus, is available in sanded surface optics and rough sawn surface optics.Other colours are available on request.

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