best wood SCHNEIDER® Quality management

Kap Qualität bei Schneider

For more than 100 years we place the utmost importance to an outstanding and constant quality of our products.  We know that we have an entrepreneurial responsability against humans and environment. Since we are a family based company, our acting is determined by ecological, economical and social aspects. Our production site is located in the south of Germany. We are producing our wood fiber insulation boards on an energy-saving, eco-friendly and besides, on the most modern production line all over Europe.  From the round wood until the final product, including the whole energy requirement, everything comes from one manufacturing plant. Thanks to this closed circuit, we are realizing an energy-efficient and resource-saving production. Therfore, we are producing our wood fiber insulation boards in a very sustainable way - for an optimum of natural living comfort. Every day, our team works on the realization of our business goals. Since quality is our priority, we are able to steadily improving, testing and monitoring our quality management. Additionally, the quality of our wood fiber insulation is ensured by external monitoring carried out by independent institutes. 

best wood Schneider CE


With the CE marking, SCHNEIDER declares as manufacturer, that the best wood WOOD FIBER INSULATION BOARDS are meeting the requirements of the applicable EC directives.


This label is an orientation aid to help consumers and building professionals indentify the best, tried and tested products on the market. The EU Construction Products Regulation requires a declaration of the product characteristics (performance declaration) with regard to the resource consumption, hygiene and the environment. The natureplus® label identifies the best products for sustainable building.

Ü mark of conformity

The Ü mark of conformity identifies construction products that correspond to the national technical approval. In Germany, for reasons of health and environment, the Ü mark is required for defined construction products for interior use.  


The KEYMARK is a voluntary European certification mark demonstrating compliance with the European Standard (EN)


The PEFC is an international, transparent and non-governmental organization which promotes sustainable forest management through independent third party certification. The forest certification according to PEFC standards is based on the very strict requirements for sustainable forest mannagement. This management is controlled by qualified and independent organizations.


Material guarantee deposited at the ZVDH (Federation of German Roofing Contractors). Only the use of proper materials and their professional processing ensures real customer satisfaction. Therefore, the ZVDH has developped this material guarantees, in collaboration with renowned partners of the roofing branch. With the listing of our products in this material guarntee directory, we are are able to provide safety to the guild companies in case of claims.