Energy-efficient production

Energy-efficient production

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best wood® SCHNEIDER realises an energy-efficient production. From the round wood until the final product, including the whole energy requirement, everything comes from one manufacturing plant.


The sawn timber, which ich the basis of the production of laminated and solid structural timber, is produced in our own sawmill. The sawdust and the bark are the fuel for our biomass heating plant "Biopower". The bigger wood fibers are the basis for the production of wood fiber insulation boards. The circuit starts with the sawmill and ends with the production of wood fiber insulation boards. 


With the scarp wood we are heating our "Biopower" heating plant with which we are generating an ecological heat input of 28 MW and 8 MW of electrical power. This corresponds to the energy needs of a small town of about 20.000 inhabitants. The process heat is used for the production of wood fiber insulation boards.

Production of wood fiber insulation boards

Our best wood® WOOD FIBER INSULATION BOARDS are produced on the most modern production line for flexible and pressure-resistant wood fiber insulation boards. The wood fiber boards are produced on an energy saving production  line - from the wood chip to the wood fiber insulation board. 

Production of laminated timber and solid structural timber

We manufacture all statically relevant wood products for modern structural timberwork at several different facilities for the production of laminated timber and KVH® (solid structural timber). Incidental shavings are also supplied to the biomass heating plant.


The wood fibers are the basis for the production of wood fiber insulation boards. The wood chips are pulped here and then go through the blowline before they go tho the wood fiber production hall.