Constructing and insulating with wood

best wood SCHNEIDER® Constructing and insulating with wood

1 solid cubic meter of wood grows for example in the Region of Bavaria every 2 seconds and detracts 1t of carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere. 250 kg of it are stored as carbon in timber, 750 kg are going back to the atmosphere as pure oxygen. Wood products bind the carbon (C) for long periods. Thus, forestry and wood utilization is practiced climate protection. So everybody who uses wood as building material does not only build a


Ecological and CO2 neutral

In simple terms, it is the cellulose which is contained in wood, that makes our wood fibre insulation system a natural high-tech product which is breathable. Additionally, it contributes to the decrease of CO2 in our atmosphere. As our wood fibre boards contain wood chips, they bind CO2 and help us to contribute to the environmental protection.


Insulation in winter

Like a tree, our fiberboard has the capability to protect itself from cold and frost. Thanks to its low thermal conductivity, best wood fiberboards ensure that rooms are pleasantly warm in winter, whilst reducing heat loss and minimising energy costs.


Provides an optimum of natural living comfort

In order to provide an optimum of natural living comfort there are high requirements which have to be fulfilled by insulation products. It has to offer permanent protection against heat, cold and water, as well as it has to be economical and ecological. Our wood fibre insulation system meets all these requirements and contributes to a comfortable living comfort.


Natural moisture control

A tree is able to economise water optimally. Our wood fibre boards are characterised by this natural effect. The top layer of the fibre swells and is thereby able to absorb water. The next layer seals itself immediately with the help of the stump angles. Due to the natural drying process, the moisture fades. And therefore the best insulation characteritics are re-established.


Protection against heat in summer

All over the world, the mankind is using more energy to cool buildings than to heat them. That is why the heat storage capacity is an important fact. Wood is an excellent heat store. That’s why our wood fibre insulation boards absorb heat and release it again in small quantities after a certain period of time. By this it helps to avoid variations in temperature.


Government aid

CONSTRUCTING, LIVING, SAVING ENERGY - You would like to build or buy, reconstruct or modernize a house? Inform yourself about interesting funding opportunities. Most countries do offer requisite government subsidies.