The SCHNEIDER biomass heating plant "BIOPOWER"

best wood Schneider Biopower
best wood Schneider Biopower

SCHNEIDER biomass heating plant

The modern biomass heating plant was brought into service in late 2004. We use the leftover wood from our sawmill for the plant. Around 70,000 tons of wet and 40,000 tons of dry wood are converted into heat and electrical energy. The plant produces 8 MW electricity and 28 MW of heating power. Excessive electricity is fed into the public grid, while the resulting process heat is used to run the wood fiber production line and wood kilns of the wood production line. The biomass heating plant is also ecologically meaningful, since there is no need to bring the leftover wood (10 trucks / day) far away to be disposed. Good to know: The burning of wood only frees as much CO2 as the trees have stored during their growth.